Monday, February 10, 2020

Regulatory Agency Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Regulatory Agency Paper - Essay Example he goals of America’s criminal justice clients through offering an all-inclusive correctional healthcare program, which deals with agency and offender needs in custody, pre-custody and post-custody settings (CHC, 2014). Based in Greenwood Village, Colorado State, the organization oversees over 2,500 workers all across the United States. It has five more regional offices plus a full-service health care center also based in Colorado. The organization is currently servicing in 27 states, and they have been developing gradually over the past years (CHC, 2014). The organization has consolidated and incorporated some of the most valued healthcare providers in the field to establish one of the leading correctional healthcare services organizations in the United States. CHC is dedicated to offering first-class community-based educational and treatment services for the U.S. criminal justice system. The organization have been offering outpatient treatment services for many corrections systems clients for over three decades and probation supervision services for over 10 years to roughly around 300 courts (CHC, 2014). In conjunction with their criminal justice partners, Correctional Healthcare Companies, Inc. is helping to resolve a number of the most demanding problems that the correctional system is facing today. Some of the problems include lack of efficient, evidence-based criminal specific treatment methods and a huge population of psychologically ill wrongdoers who occupy jail and prison beds. Also, there are the uncollected court fees, fines, as well as victim restitution, which are greatly affecting the U.S. criminal justice system (CHC, 2014). Another problem is the reduced budgets for correctional behavioral and mental health treatment plans. America is also facing high recidivism and parole/probation failure rates because of behavioral and mental health issues. However, CHC has been influential in implementing programs, which offer effective and responsible

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